Top 101 Financial Secrets You Should Know Before 30

A human’s living is not easy. We are neither animals nor plants, who can live without clothes or survive through sun rays. We are humans, who need food, clothes and shelter. However, these things don’t come free. We cannot just acquire food, shelter and clothing through wishing or just by looking at the sky. To earn it, we need to work for it. We work so that we can buy not just our needs but also our wants in life.

“Money makes the world go round”. Judging by today’s events, situations and happenings, the quote mentioned is pretty true. However, these situations cannot be fully understood if you haven’t tried working to earn money. Asking money from your parents is just as hard as working for it. You will never realize the value of money until you want it too badly, or you have lost it.

Have you heard the story of Carlos Slim? One of the richest men in the world, whose net worth is down by $27.1 billion last year. He used to rank as the second richest, right after Bill Gates. But today, he is declared as one of the 2015’s biggest losers on the billionaire list. He was once the king of investments. In spite of being intelligent, he failed to manage his expenses wisely. So, the moral is – when big people like him can fail, who are we?

Due to new technologies and inventions today, I guess saving money is one of the hardest things to do. There are many temptations around us today like new and trendy heels and shoes, latest style of dresses, new and better brands of makeup, newly released gadgets, limited edition bags and perfumes and so many things that you cannot either enumerate. Life is not just about happiness; there will come a time where we will encounter hardships and financial issues in our lives.

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Based on my experience, earning money at a very young age is hard. During my high school days, I went to school during weekdays and worked on weekends. Working is easy to say but hard to do. The money I got from working is what I used for my enrollment and buying my school supplies. I have even tried working household chores for others, being a crew on a bakery shop, and a seller at a grocery store.

If you still depend on your parents, you should think of saving. I am not saying or writing this just to brag how hard working or a loving daughter I am. I am writing this to tell people who can read this that living and surviving in this world is not easy.

101 Financial Secrets To Be Aware Of Before You Are 30


Whether you are working or dependent on someone, the important thing is to learn the value of money, even if it is a penny. For a healthy financial life, ensure to incorporate these tips.

  1. Learn The Word “Budget.”

In most cases, people recklessly spend money without knowing its value. Spending money recklessly is just like putting all the hard work in vain. Budgeting is a way to save money for future uses. Based on my previous experiences, it is easy to spend money, which you have not earned. If you are working to earn, then you should know how hard it is to have money. Knowing that, you will also be careful in spending it.

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  1. Avoid Lavish Spending

This attitude is being realistic. If you are just receiving money from your parents or earning just enough for your needs and expenses, then forget about buying expensive items such as designer bags, shoes, dresses and perfumes. If you are planning to have a meal at a fancy restaurant then, forget about it. If you are earning just right, having that expensive meal might go overboard, and there is a tendency that you will experience a shortage of money.

  1. Learn to say “NO.”

Learning to say no is being tough when it comes to money. When strolling through the mall, you can see many beautiful things that you may even think that you want to buy it. However, they come with a big price tag. There are times when these items are out of your budget. If you still take a step further to buy it, you are at a risk financially. Save this money for those rainy days. Remember, a penny saved is like a penny earned.

  1. Record Your Expenses

By doing this, it will help you assess all the things and the amount that you have spent the previous days and weeks. You will also get to know if you have been over-spending in these past few days or not. By recording your expenses, you will also have the chance to reevaluating your expenses and adjusting the way you spend.

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  1. Create A Right Budget That Is Enough For Your Money

Plan your meals and just buy things, which are adequate for your earnings. You can create a graph with percentages allotted to each the needs.

  1. Know Your Needs From Your Wants

Determining your wants from your needs will help you stop buying the things that you do not want.

  1. Estimate Or Change Your Standard Of Living If Necessary

If you have magazine subscriptions, I guess, it is time to cut it down. Living life lavishly when you are just earning right is not good if you want to save money.

  1. Know Your Priorities

Allot budget to things that are as important as food. This will help you weigh things in a different way.

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  1. You Can Try Doing A Cash Budget

Every payday, allot a definite amount of money for things you need. Say, for example, food, clothes, and bills in separate envelopes. Once the money in an envelope runs out, it means that you should already stop spending for that category.

  1. Avoid Having Credit Card Debts

Although debts are unavoidable, if you are involved in emergency cases, but avoiding them is a good choice to save money. Having debts, especially credit card debts will just drag you down because of high interest.

  1. List All The Things That You Need, Not Want

During grocery shopping on paydays, you need to list all the things that you only NEED to buy, not want. For example, you need to buy milk because you ran out of milk. Buy only the milk that you need, avoid looking on other products.

  1. Minimize Electricity Consumption To Save Some Money On Paying Bills

Doing this can save even a small amount of money during paying time. And watch TV less. Reading a book is also an option to spend your free time.

  1. Learn How To Cook

Learning how to cook will save you from fast foods and expensive restaurant specialties. Ordering meals at fast-food chains or restaurant will just cause you more expenses. Cooking your meal will not hurt you if you try it.

  1. When You Are Going To School Or Working, Bring Lunch Or Snacks With You

During workdays, we always tend to get hungry because we use much of our physical or mental energy. Going to a cafeteria will just waste your energy and money. Instead, bring a packed lunch or snack such as sandwich to save money from buying canteen food.

  1. Always Save For Emergency Purposes

We do not know when we will need money. Emergency cases such as accidents or health issues are inevitable. That is why it is better to be ready in case you encounter these times in your life.

  1. Find A Part-Time Job Or Another Source Of Income

For you to save money faster, finding another source of income is an option. Having a job is good to pay all your expenses, but it is better to have another source of income for others aside from basic expenses.

  1. Practice Saving Up Money For Big Purchases

This attitude is being patient. Rather than buying appliances such as TV in installment basis, it is better to save up money until it becomes enough to buy a TV. Buying items in cash can save up the interest you can pay in installment.

  1. You Should Pay Your Bills On or Before Its Due Date

Who would think that paying bills on time could save up money? Instead of paying the penalty fees of paying late, you can pay your bills on time so that the money you spent on fees can be used for another purpose.

  1. Learn About Investment

One way of saving money is investing. There is no right or appropriate age to learn about investing. However, I think, the earlier, the better. Learn how to use your money to have impressive returns.

  1. Enjoy Yourself At Home

Fun is not always found outside. Sometimes, it is more amusing to enjoy yourself at home. Watch movies, make some snacks and read books to not only keep yourself entertained but also to keep you away from spending dollars and dollars outside.

  1. Learn To Be Creative When It Comes To Fun And Leisure

Meeting with friends does not necessarily mean that you need to spend money for a snack or coffee. You can invite your friends to ride a bike; touring around your neighborhood or have a happy talk with them while walking.

  1. Enjoy Your Day With Your Friends Outside

Having fun with your friends is a good idea, but you don’t need to spend much. You can go out for picnics at parks and bring some snacks with you while enjoying the scenery around.

  1. Not All Good And Fun Things In Life Have Price

Many towns have free programs such as cultural events, concerts and movies; you can enjoy a day with your friends there.

  1. Not All Fun Comes From Things

Bonding with your family and relatives is also fun. You can talk with them, crack a joke and spend time with them so that you can bring not just happiness but also fulfillment.

  1. Borrow Money Only If It Is Important

There are times when you will get sick or do not have enough money to pay some fees at school. If this is the case, there is no harm in borrowing but at the same time, ensure that you will be able to repay on time.

  1. Be Vigilant When You Have Borrowed Something From Others

When you need something, say, for instance, a car, because you have something important to attend to, and you have borrowed it from a friend, you need to be extra careful while using it. This is because if something goes wrong, you will be the one to pay for it.

  1. Pay Your Credit Card First Religiously

Normally, credit card debts have a higher interest that is why; pay them first so that interests will not add up. Trust me, if this happens, it will drag you down more.

  1. If You Do Not Need Money, Do Not Apply For Loans

Sometimes, other people apply for loans just because they have something to buy. However, it is not a good habit. Do not apply for loans unless you need it the most.

  1. If You Need Money, Look For Lower Interest Rates

If you don’t have an option other than to borrow money, check for loans that have lower interest rates compared to others.

  1. Though You Are Paying Loans And Debts, Don’t Forget To Save Money

Even though you are paying your debts, saving money should not be stopped. Though the money you are saving is not that big, saving money over the years will make it big.

  1. Open A Checking Account Differently From Your Parents

Opening a checking account does not require a right age. But, it is really good if you try to be financially independent when it comes to your finances. Learning this earlier will help and train you how to use money wisely.

  1. Open A Savings Account On Your Own

Having your savings account is a great choice. Whether you do have a purpose for saving money or not, it is a good practice to start saving money on your own.

  1. Inquire About Retirement Account As Early As You Can

When talking about retirement, it does not necessarily mean that you need to be old. It is a good thing for you to learn these things as early as you have time.

  1. Know And Learn About Health And Life Insurance

“Health is wealth”, is a popular quote. For you to save money more in the future, you need to take care of your health. But it is inevitable that sometimes you will get sick and that is why you need to apply for insurances. Later on, when your health depreciates, you do not need to think about the hospital bills.

For me, the list above is general and a part of the 101 financial secrets you should know before 20. However, the tips above are not very elaborative, when it comes to basic daily life. Because man has different needs & wants from a woman. A woman has different necessities that are needed every day from a man.

Due to this, the tips may differ when it comes to gender. Hence, I need to detail some tips for men and women further, so that even at a young age, a person can understand and if given the chance, apply these tips to daily living for a better future.

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