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Top 10 Cleanest Cities In the World

Generally we always keep dreaming of living in one of the cleanest cities in the world.  We are not  ready to stay or visit a city that is piled with wastage, dirt and dust. Everyone of us want our surroundings to be clean and fresh.Don’t we?But the reality is,as our cities are getting populated day by day, our mission of achieving the cleanest city remains only as a dream l. Even though certain factors like waste water, oil removal and sewage systems can be controlled with proper planning, we cannot have an accurate control over things like fuel usages. Even if we do, it is only possible to some extent. To be frank, we humans are still not ready to give up certain things in maintaining our city’s cleanliness. We are the major cause for having our city polluted. Ask yourself — can you give up your cars or bikes and use bicycles instead? Due to urbanization and the ever growing population, governments face a hard time in keeping the city clean.

Protect our earth from the possible destruction” — this is the most repeated request placed by our scientists, doctors, ecologists, geologists and all cleanliness promoting social groups around the world but how many of us take it seriously and work on it? Hardly few. If every one of us begins to care our Mother Earth, soon our cities will become one of the most cleanest cities in the world.

Amazingly, there exists some cities which are impressive examples for maintaining their environment absolutely hygienic, clean and healthy. People living in these cities have promoted cleanness by undertaking numerous “clean our city programs“. These people are well aware of the fact as to how a clean environment reflects our health and lives. If you are curious to know what these clean cities are, just read this article further.

Given below is a list of cleanest cities in the world wherein every single resident of the city contributes a lot in promoting cleanliness. Cities listed here are estimated in terms of Environment Cleanliness, Quality of water and Air Pollution.

Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World

Read the list of cleanest cities in the world and find out how have they accomplished in maintaining it. These cities will inspire you for sure.

No 10 : Ifrane (Morocco), Africa

Ifrane morocco, world’s one of the cleanest cities is located as a nestled town in the mountains of middle Atlas. This city is regarded as Africa’s “Little Switzerland”.

As this exotic city has no industrial action, it offers the non polluted air and water to its residents.

With an altitude of 1650 meters high, Ifrane is completely covered with the deep forest full of cedar and oak trees. As it boasts the powdery snow throughout the winter, without any doubt it make ups the most amazing spots for skiing and photography.


The housing and infrastructure of Ifrane was built by French in late 1920s. Initially, the entire city was built by keeping coolness in mind.

As you can enjoy the chillness even in the hot summer most of the colonial families prefer spending their summer Vacations here.

cleanest cites in the world-(10)

Just like most of the cities in morocco, this cleanest city also has a long interesting history. Around 500 B.C, it was reputed as an ancient capital city of Jewish. Today, this city holds the best universities and colleges which made the country proud. Residents of this city include tourists, international students, Moroccan seniors and many others.

Ifrane serves as a godsend city for all the photographers out there. The entire city is filled with unique & sylvan sceneries. As one of the cleanest cities in the world, Ifrane also offers many magnificent spots to cyclists, hikers, adventurous seekers and trekkers.

Name of this city Ifrane is derived from the Berber language which means “caves”. During the initial times, several centuries before people were set up the caves to make their living in the nearby hills. Even today you can see those caves all around. If you are entering into this city for the first time, its best to go with the tourist guides because these caves can easily confuse anyone and can make you lose your way among the caravan trails, mules and donkeys. Visiting these caves is one of the ideal ways to spend your bright afternoons at Ifrane.

With 0 crime and clean environment, Ifrane can be reputed as one of the best cities of whole Africa.

No 9 : Bern, Switzerland

Although Switzerland is popular for its world class wines, my most favorite drink here is just plain water because here you can get the world’s purest water. Fountains reside in the cities like Zurich and Bern offer 100% clean drinking water and air. Trust me here you can drink the water straight from the river without worrying about the purification.

Cleanest cities in the world

Bern, the federal capital of Switzerland is more famous for its shopping venues and tourist attractions. Being the cultural hub of Switzerland, it produces dairy products and chocolates.

Generally the citizens of Switzerland are more concerned toward their environment. One step ahead, the people of Bern often conduct numerous “clean the city programs” to protect their environment from lethal pollution.

In this capital city alone people recycles 66% to 96% recyclable materials every year.

Even if you are a chain smoker, once you reach the cleanest city like Bern you couldn’t stop yourself to throw off your cigars and breathe a fresh air.

The total area of Bern is not more than 52 square km.

No 8 : Minneapolis, America

Forbes magazine rates this city as one of the healthiest cities of USA.

cleanest city-8

Residents of this city breath non-polluted air. People residing over here believe in exercise routines and you will find them cheerful as well as active all the time.

These factors keep them from spending their hard-earned money on various weight loss products. Minneapolis is the first city of America that has added bike trails and banned smoking in public areas.

cleanest cities in the world-8

This city has large number of open spaces, walking areas and parks. You can see people walking everywhere. So your assumption is right. By walking often in an cleaner environment, people are less likely to get affected by harmful diseases like cardiovascular, asthma and so on.

This city offers plenty of tennis courts, recreation centers, dog parks, golf courses, playgrounds and ball fields. To ensure fitness during cold winters, it offers snow sports too. These factors make this wonderful city to receive the honor of  the 2nd cleanest  cities of America.

No 7 : Singapore

Yes of course, by imposing laws we can control people to obey the rules and save the cleanliness of the city but do you think, is it possible to control over all 4 million people who live in an Island to maintain the cleanliness? You may feel it almost impossible but this city has already achieved it. Read on and know how Singapore has risen itself into the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the world.

cleanest cities in the world-7

Here in this tiny Island, whether or not people are concerned about cleanliness, government over here has imposed strict rules in maintaining city’s cleanliness.

cleanest cities in the world-7 (2)

You can see this spot on the map between Indonesia & Malaysia. Its population crosses over 4 million. Though it has one of the busiest spots with high tech hubs and world’s 3rd largest oil refinery, you cannot find a single dirt over here.

Activities like Spitting , Smoking,  jay-walking and littering are strictly prohibited on public spots and if people do not abide these rules, they are certainly going to end up into a serious trouble.  These activities are considered highly illegal in Singapore and someone doing it will be charged around 500 Singapore dollars, which comes around $700 in US dollar value.

You will also be shocked to read the fact that chewing gums are banned in Singapore and people selling them will not only be fined but also arrested.

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