Top 10 Most Beautiful Shemales In The World

Sometimes things are beyond our understanding, may be because our minds are too narrow or maybe because we think in a one-sided way as we have been taught through these years. The world is undergoing a transformative change while addressing the issue to sexual minorities. We must believe that the right of even a single person should not be crushed because of the belief or egos of a million. Every person has a right to live, a reason that life has given us.In this, we explore to you some of the most beautiful shemales who have risen against all the odds and gained new heights in life and in our list too.

Before we start ranking these beauties, let us know in brief what shemales are. Shemales are those with male genitalia and with female secondary sex organs, which are breasts. These breasts could be acquired through breast implantation surgeries or even through external hormones. Though some consider this term to be offensive, here we are using it because it is commonly known among people and only concerning the biological sex. Of course as said earlier, live and let live should be the philosophy for a better planet or sometimes you only want more than just one type, you want all in one.

Most Beautiful Shemales

1. Jessy Dubai

Most Beautiful Shemales

Our list begins with this magnificent beauty who topped the charts in 2015. The year has been a blast for our girl who was rocking it in every possible way. She gained fame with her Transsexual films TS Superstar and My Dad’s TS girlfriend. Both these films were directed by Nica Noelle and made her famous in the industry. Her efforts have deservingly made her the number one TS star.

2. Aubrey Kate

Most Beautiful Shemales

Born in 1990, this young TS porn star has put in her efforts and hard work in establishing herself in this toughBusy as a bee this actress featured in more than 20 movies within a single year. Her hits include The Tranny Bunch and Trans X-Perience. She had even earned nominations as the Performer of the Year from AVN, XBIZ and NightMoves, obviously as she had the highest workload of all TS stars.

3. Venus Lux

Most Beautiful Shemales

Although this lady has dropped down from rank 1 to the third rank, it does not demean her beauty in any way. She is still in the long race for the most beautiful shemale in the industry. She is also known to be one of the most hard working and the best performing TS artist. Born in the year 1990, it would not take too long before she wins a Performer of the Year award.

4. Foxxy

Most Beautiful Shemales

Just like the name, Foxxy is a sexy and magnificent TS star who has delivered some of the best performances of the year. Her career graph has already surged up very high but the intentions to get more never ends for her. She is still ready to defeat all those challenging her and delivers her best at every shot. Her most remembered role is the one in the Transexual Wives of Hollywood. She had also won the nomination for the Best Transexual Performer of the Year and two AVN Nominations.She was born in the year 1898 and her experience has gained her the fame she truly

5. Jonelle Brooks

Most Beautiful Shemales

The 28 year young and mature womanly body of Brooks attracts men towards here. She made a huge breakthrough in the year 2015 when she entered the mainstream and made a killer performance in Kaitlyn Gender which won her two AVN nominations and she also earned the XBIZ Best Actress Award for it. Her countless accolades have made her popular throughout the industry.

6. Khloe Hart

Most Beautiful Shemales

A top rated performer for more than ten long years, Hart has broken all possible records and her beauty stands tested through time. Her most outstanding performance was in Tranny Bunch which was directed by Jim Powers. A role she dedicatedly proved to be written only for her.She also won the AVN and XBIX nomination for transsexual Performer of the Year. Her youthfulness contradicts her age which has given her all the experience one needs.

7. Chelsea Poe

Most Beautiful Shemales

One of the most popular transsexual pornstars in the porn industry has made her fans proud and happy. In 2015, she created a blast in the industry making all her rivals jealous. She may not appear in many films and she is very choosy about her roles. She did make a lasting impact on her roles in Trouble Films and TS Bad girls. Her hard work has earned her the nomination for Transexual Performer of the Year nomination from both XBIX and AVN, a feat only a few in the industry have achieved.

8. Kylie Maria

Most Beautiful Shemales

She first appeared in porn in 2015 and had left her competing leads far behind. In just 12 months, she has performed in over 15 hardcore movies and has delivered her best. In the very first year, she has given her fans much more than their imagination. Her fans have spread all across and rightly so because she is a problem.She has also featured in a parody and has won two nominations for AVN nominations for TS Performer of the Year and best TS Sex scene. Those looking for some fresh face and new talent, keep an eye on Maria.

9. Holly Parker

Most Beautiful Shemales

A quick learner, Parker is the new face of the industry and has proved her capabilities at all levels. She has class, youthfulness and drama for a TS star. She is an AVN nominee for TS Performer of the Year and her best-appreciated roles are Tranny Hoes in Panty Hoes 2. Do look out for her new stunts in the coming movies.

10. Delia DeLions

Most Beautiful Shemales 10

She has been in the industry since 2010 and the last year was the best in her entire career. She delivered many memorable roles in 2015 like in Tranny Bunch (Devil’s Film). Her awards bucket list includes two AVN award nominations. A raw chick with some raw stamina, keeping looking for her work.

All of these most beautiful shemales that we have listed here are pornstars, they are not at all ashamed of their sexuality or their sexual orientation and this makes them all beautiful from within.

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