Interesting Facts About Florida

Love Nature? Then you have to love Florida. It is a naturally blessed state with abundant beaches, waterways, gaming restaurants, national parks, museums and orchards. In the event that you need to know more about the place, here are interesting facts about Florida. It is the place where you can raise your family or come for a cozy and naughty trip with your friends. Even celebrities could not resist the temptation of this beautiful USA southern state.

Interesting Facts about Florida

Florida is filled with natural waterways. Venice in Florida is too similar to the Venice in Italy, both the cities have many waterways. The amazing city of Miami is also here and the dream land of Disney land too is here. Although the city is serene and people over here are friendly, Florida has also emerged as a lovely city wherein you can have a promising career going hand in hand with the fun the city has got to offer. So here are some of the most amazing Florida interesting facts:

  • Florida is the only state in the entire country which has two rivers with the same name. There is Withlacoochee in North Central Florida, that is, in Madison and then there is the second Withlacoochee in Central Florida. The two rivers have a different route and share nothing in common except for the name.
  • Another interesting fact about Florida is about its rivers, the fact that Florida’s largest river, the St Johns River is one of only a handful couple of waterways that follows an opposite course. It flows from South to North, instead of the opposite side which is what many rivers do. This river is also the famous spot where the Annual Mug Race is conducted. This race is the longest river sailboat race in the world which covers a distance of 67 Km from Palatka to Jacksonville along the

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • Florida’s love for old art and history can be reflected through it preserved buildings and city gates. Florida Museum, Hispanic and Latin American Art in Coral Gables is USA’s first and only museum dedicated completely to the preservation and promotion of Hispania and Latin American Art.

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • Florida’s Everglades is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles live together happily. Although it has a high environmental value and attracts tourists every year, the so-called development of the cities close to the swamps of Everglades has become a threat to the park. In 1970’s after much protest and attention from conservation groups, the park was declared to be a Wetland Area of Global Importance. The American Alligator was also declared as the official state reptile in 1987. The alligator is proof to the fact that Florida was once filled with untamed wilderness and swamps.

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • For those who remember Florida as a state which was once full of open spaces and vast grounds, nothing much has changed even today. Florida has over 1300 golf courses, which is the highest number of golf courses that a single state could ever have in the USA. You can even book a golf course, of course, it is the game of the rich and surely the two percent wealthy in the country own their villas for this reason in Florida.

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • People living in Venice, Florida have an unusual hobby of collecting things. It is considered to the Shark Tooth Capital of the world. Gathering ancient shark teeth has been a top pick hobby for both visitors and residents for many years now.
  • Florida’s love for seashells has been fascinating. Amelia Island Waters harvests more than eighty percent of sweet Atlantic white shrimp. A whopping two million pounds of shrimps are delivered to Fernandina docks every year. They even have a museum in Sanibel which is dedicated solely to mollusks, this museum alone has two million shells and also claims to be the only one of its kind in the world.
  • You could land yourself behind bars in Florida if you happen to touch a manatee. The punishment for the same is $500 fine or a jail term of upto 60 days. Manatee is a critical and vulnerable animal for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission which takes up the issue very seriously. Even hugging a Manatee, is seen as molesting, teasing, harassing or disturbing the animal. There have been incidents wherein people have been arrested for an innocent hug with a manatee. There is a special Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act for this cute looking animal.

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • Tourism is a major industry for the state. There is a special term for those who flock to Florida to get some sunshine and escape from the harsh cold winters in the rest of the country. The term ‘Snowbirds’ is used for the people who come to Florida for a period of time. It is this time Florida gets crowded with busy streets, higher prices and packed restaurants but only till the time they go back to where they came back from.While there may be a few who sulk over this crowd, the fact remains that Florida thrives on tourism. In 2013, tourism brought in $76 billion from over 94.7 million visitors.A fun fact, for every 85 visitors, one resident gets a job.
  • Florida is not just a fun loving state but also an intelligent one. Houston is the center of space flight and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is where you can live your sci-fi fantasies. Here you can experience being an astronaut, take a tour of the space center and you can even get lucky to see a real shuttle being launched into.
  • In Florida, you can also get nude and lie down in the beaches and no one will prosecute you for that. It is completely legal to get nude in the Haulover Beach. So Miami is not the only place to have fun in Florida.

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • When you have such nude beaches, you should also have a proper suntan cream. It was a Miami Breach Pharmacist Benjamin Green who concocted the leading suntan cream in 1944. He did this by cooking cocoa spread in a stone espresso pot.


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